Subtle Energy Therapy

For most of us there are times when life is difficult.  We experience stress and emotional upset, sometimes accompanied by or resulting from physical illness.  It is especially at times like this that Subtle Energy Therapy can be useful.  Subtle Energy Therapy is a generic term for a number of healing modalities including Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki.  Subtle Energy Therapy is used to restore and balance the flow of energy in our subtle energy system, which includes the energy of our biological systems, our emotions, our thoughts, and our psychic or soul/spirit dimension.  This energy flows through the energy field in and around the body, and is concentrated and modulated by the energy centers or chakras.  Congestion and resistances to flow in the field and the chakras is associated with feelings of imbalance, constriction, and lack of energy on all levels.  Physically we may feel tired, emotionally we may be upset, mentally we may be overwhelmed by repetitive thought, and psychically we may feel a lack of purpose and disconnection from Source.

We are integrated beings.  Whatever happens in the body affects the emotions and the mind.  Crises in the circumstances of our lives impact on all levels – the body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit.  Sometimes the pain we experience during stressful crises force us to deal with issues we have avoided, and push us towards a healthier and more expanded integration.

Subtle energy techniques, including motions of the hands through the energy field around the body and light touch on the body, remove resistances to energy flow and create a resonance with clearer, healthier, and more functional energy paradigms.  On the physical level there is muscular relaxation, improved circulation, and improved oxygen levels in tissues, release of toxins, and immune system regulation and enhancement.  On the emotional level there may be relief of sadness, and on the psychological level a lessening of confusion.  At the spiritual level there is often a renewed sense of connection with our spiritual source.

Subtle energy therapy has been researched and is endorsed by proponents of Integrative Medicine and by the US National Institutes of Health Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Subtle energy therapy is a complimentary holistic practice.  It does not replace conventional medical care, but should be used in conjunction with allopathic medical treatment, including, where necessary, psychotherapy.  The goal of subtle energy is to restore the natural harmony and balance of the energy system to promote healing and facilitate self-healing.